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Catalytic Converter Recycling

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Catalytic Converter Recycling

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Catalytic Converter Recycling

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Catalytic converter recycling can bring you cash. The outlook for catalytic converter recycling is excellent. Most of the first generation of cars built with catalytic converters have found their way to U.S. scrapyards, there is a large, continuing flow of raw materials for recyclers. More important, an infrastructure for collecting spent converters is being established. Needed are the metals inside the converter. Once it is clogged and non-useful for automobiles or trucks, it still has value.

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    Even Japanese companies such as Nippon Engelhard have set up collecting organizations in the U.S. to acquire automotive catalysts for reprocessing in Japan. Inaddition the introduction of more stringent emissions controls in Europe, where catalytic converters have not been required, will increase the demand for platinum group metals, making catalytic converter recycling more profitable. ...

    Catalytic Converter Recycling Platinum

    Recycling of platinum-group metals is dictated not so much by the environmental effects of their disposal as by their limited supply and the difficulties of mining and refining them. Ores contain only about seven parts per million of mixed platinum-group metals, so that about 20 million metric tons a year must be refined to produce 143 tons of purified metals—an amount that could fit into a cube roughly two meters on a side. ...
    The automotive pattern of noble metal use stands in sharp contrast to that of the process industries: there are tens of millions of catalytic converters for recycling, each of which contains only a few grams of platinum-group metals (less than two grams of platinum, for example), and the lifespan of about 10 years for an average car makes for a much slower turnover of recyclable materials. As a result, only about 12 percent of the platinum group metals in catalytic converters is currently recycled. Many spellings include cadillac convertor catlytic.

    Cash for Catalytic Converters

    Currently you may sell your used catalytic converters to recycling professionals who will the cut the converter for the material within. This is sorted by grade and shipped to separation specialists. Not only does this help the environment but also produces cash for You the supplier of used catalytic converters. Now you can profit from catalytic converter recycling.

    WE BUY NATIONALLY ! Call 423-926-3699 Today !

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